Hot Melt Adhesives Supplier

Established in 1996, SUNTIP is a specialized manufacturer of industrial adhesives, particularly hot melt adhesives and curing agents. Our advanced production facility is equipped with 23 production lines that output more than 30,000 tons of adhesives each year. Our production strength is only one of the advantages of our company, however. Our research and development staff is constantly developing new formulas to meet the ever changing needs of the market. The team has the resources and expertise to identify problems that can be solved with adhesive products and creating solutions. Contact us today to learn more!

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Industries Served
Product Categories
    1. Hot Melt AdhesivesRead More
    2. Hot Melt Adhesives Hot melt adhesive is a polymer and usually has unique viscosity, appearance and other properties, so the adhesive can bond all sorts of materials and has wide applications.
    1. Moisture Curing Adhesive - PolyurethaneRead More
    2. Moisture Curing Adhesive - Polyurethane PUR is primarily used for fixing, bonding and sealing electronic devices such as cellphones and computers. The adhesive can also be used for the bonding of furniture and leather.
    1. Epoxy Curing Agent - PolyamideRead More
    2. Epoxy Curing Agent - Polyamide As an epoxy curing agent, the polyamide curing agent features an excellent corrosion and moisture resistance, as well as an outstanding dust proof performance, ensuring a long term, reliable bonding performance.